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Discover the perfect balance of innovation and resilience in our Fire and Rescue Blades collection, where safety and efficiency come together for those who risk it all to save lives. Our selection is designed to meet the demanding needs of fire and rescue professionals, ensuring optimal performance in critical situations. Whether you're a first responder, firefighter, or part of an emergency response team, our blades are crafted with precision and durability to handle the toughest challenges. Explore our range of specialized blades, each carefully engineered to deliver reliable cutting power when every second counts.

12" Fire & Rescue Blade

Item #: HFR12140


14" Fire & Rescue Blade

Item #: HFR14155


At Cutter Pro Sales, we understand the importance of having reliable tools in high-pressure situations. In the challenging world of firefighting and emergency response, having the right tools can make all the difference. Trust Cutter Pro Sales for your firefighting and rescue equipment needs, and ensure you're equipped to handle any emergency with confidence. Contact us at 866-816-8073 or through our convenient contact form to learn more about our commitment to lifesaving products.  

Cutter Pro Sales is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and serves the needs of clients throughout the entire United States. We can be reached by phone at 866-816-8073 or via email by visiting our secured contact page.